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  • One of the greatest miracles in the Bible; Moses and the Israelites trapped at the sea by Pharaoh's army when God miraculously parts the waters. But is there any evidence that it really happened and if so, where?
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  • 2020

God you're great. Watch Stream Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea miracle. I have a picture of me standing next to that column I was there.


Watch stream patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle man. Ron Wyatt found all this. Got over into arabia and got put in jail cause he knew the real sinai was in Arabia. Watch stream patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle video. Watch stream patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle lyrics. Michael Foust Contributor 2020 13 Feb COMMENTS In the 1956 classic movie The Ten Commandments, filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille depicted millions of Israelites crossing the desert, only to get stuck between an Egyptian army and the Red Sea, which God miraculously parted so they could survive. Many modern-day liberal scholars, though, doubt that’s the way it happened – and their disbelief has led some Christians astray.  Modern-day filmmaker Tim Mahoney is one of these Christians who formerly had a crisis of faith about the biblical narrative. But instead of living a life of doubt, Mahoney set out to find archaeological evidence for the Old Testament story. His latest movie, Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle, Part 1,  will land in theaters for one night only, Feb. 18, and examine the archaeological evidence for the Israelites’ crossing of the desert. ( The Red Sea Miracle, Part 2  will appear in theaters May 5. ) Here are three reasons to watch The Red Sea Miracle: Photo courtesy: ©Tim Mahoney 1. It Will Strengthen Your Faith The Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt and the crossing of the Red Sea are well-known stories among Christians. But among many scholars, such stories are viewed with skepticism. Did the Israelites cross a massive sea that would have required a miracle from God (as depicted in movies by Cecil B. DeMille), or was the body of water far more shallow (and easily crossable by foot)?  This debate also involves the route the Israelites took out of Egypt. Scholars who doubt the biblical narrative claim the Israelites couldn’t have survived a lengthy walk through the desert. They also say there likely were thousands, and not millions, of people on the journey.   The Bible tells us (in Exodus 13) that God led the people out of Egypt along a “desert road toward the Red Sea. ” It is on this journey that God guided them with a “pillar of cloud” and a “pillar of fire. ”  “The big miracle, some people would say, is the parting of the sea, ” Mahoney told Crosswalk. “But the other miracle is the journey – and that God provided for them. ” Mahoney travels the globe and interviews experts in both camps, but lands on the side of Scripture. Photo courtesy: ©Tim Mahoney 2. It Simplifies the Complex The Red Sea Miracle, Part 1  is the latest in a series of documentary films by Mahoney about the Old Testament narrative. In each one, he takes a complicated subject involving archaeology and ancient history and simplifies it for the average person, using plain language and graphics.   “It's something that I'm called to do, ” said Mahoney, who recently screened the film at the Ark Encounter in Kentucky.  In Patterns of Evidence: Exodus (2014), he examined the archaeological evidence and the timeline for the Egyptians owning and then releasing millions of Hebrew slaves. In Patterns of Evidence:  The Moses Controversy (2019), he looked at the authorship of the Pentateuch (Genesis-Deuteronomy) and the question of whether Moses wrote it.  The Red Sea Miracle, Part 1, examines the various routes the Israelites could have taken and which body of water could have been crossed. Red Sea Miracle, Part 2 (May 5) will spotlight the actual Red Sea miracle itself.  In each film, Mahoney is searching for “patterns of evidence” that match the biblical events. “The Scriptures tell us that they're divine and that we can trust them. And I agree with that, ” Mahoney told Crosswalk, explaining his purpose behind the films. “But even with the disciples, it helped that Jesus showed up after the resurrection – even though he told them certain things were going to happen. Jesus understood that the human nature needed to sometimes see with your eyes and touch with your fingers. ” Photo courtesy: ©Tim Mahoney 3. It’s Fascinating … and Well-Done The Red Sea Miracle is like sitting in a college classroom and learning about an intriguing subject. Yet this class involves the greatest story ever told: God’s story. “Millions believe this was a supernatural act revealing God’s glory to the nations, ” the narration tells us at the beginning of the film. “Did this event take place as recorded in the Bible, and if so, where did it happen? ” Like a good college professor, Mahoney puts a little doubt in your mind before solving the puzzle.  “There's a tension between a naturalistic view of the Scripture and what the scripture is actually saying, ” Mahoney told Crosswalk.  Mahoney began tackling the subject when he was facing a crisis of faith. “I feel as if I have been guided providentially to information to help others, ” he said. “I'm taking people on a personal journey of discovery, but I found out that a lot of people are asking the same questions. ” Visit  Related:  4 Reasons to Watch Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy Photo courtesy: ©Tim Mahoney Michael Foust has covered the intersection of faith and news for 20 years. His stories have appeared in Baptist Press,  Christianity Today,  The   Christian Post,  The   Leaf-Chronicle,  the Toronto Star and   the Knoxville News-Sentinel.

SONSENSE. Watch stream patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle plant. Amazing. Another interesting confirmation of Ron's work and the proof of Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia was shared by Kim, a Korean Physician to the Saudi Royal Family whose father was moved by the Spirit to give Dr. Kim a Ron Wyatt video and encouraged him to seek confirmation of the findings of the video. Dr. Kim was given written permission by the royal family to travel to the site where he also personally photographed the mountain, the split rock, the alter with Hebrew writings, chariot findings in the sea and the pillar etc. His testimony confirmed for me any lingering doubt and affirmed the evidence Ron was given to share with those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. The Dr Kim video is on Youtube and I would encourage anyone who is being led by the Spirit about the truth of all this to view it. Just google proof that Ron Wyatt was telling the truth Dr David Kim.

God says look you will find my word is true. Amen. This has a lot to offer that you the viewer should contemplate. This (to me) is impressive and has it's place in my collection of discovery. Finding truths are difficult and most definitely mostly MANipulated within its message. So it is your job to find what it is you believe. Why are we here? Where are we going? That's a start. believe what you may and do not judge. As the Observer and Creator of your life (no, I'm not saying, You're GOD. I am saying, You are the culmination of what you yourself have found, seen and ultimately believe. If you're happy. maybe ignorance can be bliss. I do not nor will ever believe you will be judged for trying to find your bliss. m.

So how do you explain the death of the first-born Animals? Why would Animals need to die anyway? Doesn't sound like something a loving God would do. I love her voice and spirit. She has exceptional memory which God gave her to testify all these. Salute to Ron and his whole family's hard work to reveal God's treasure. I love her spirit. She said it very well. God uses people who are humble and not about fame or money to do this work.

This video keeps cutting out. So lets see if I understand. Jericho was destroyed in about 1610 BC. Exodus = 1650 - 40 yrs in wilderness = 1610 BC. So if I did C14 dating of charcoal in the Jericho ruin, I would get a range of likely dates that included 1610 BC. If Not, Why Not. I understand how C14 testing works and I know one way the dates can be wrong ! Any sample contaminated with Oil ( petroleum type of oil) Will date much older that it really is because oil takes many years to form underground so the percent of carbon from oil has very low levels of C 14 ( C14 only forms when an organism is alive ) conversely the atmosphere might contain higher levels (higher percentage )of C14 ever since above ground nuclear testing began last century. Somethings might test younger than they truly are.

Ron Wyatt change my life and put me on the path to the truth. Watch stream patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle tree. Watch stream patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle band. It has never been a secret that academic establishment Egyptian chronology is extremely problematic and permeated with contradictions. NO ONE denies Egyptians simply did not care about chronological accounting the way the Hebrews did. So for a scholar to complain about chronological revisionism as if the current party line is somehow sacrosanct (as though coming from the Divinity at Sinai) is evidence of psychological denial in the face of reality. If the evidence (and there's an abundance of it) mandates a revision of Egyptian chronology, so be it. The opposition to chronological revision is rooted in a priori ASSUMPTIONS. This is a documentary that should be widely viewed.

Im so grateful for this video. Thank you, Mary Nell

He slipt the sea so I can walk right through it, my fears are drawn in perfect love, he rescue me that I can stand and sing I am a child of God. Very work. Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle Free Download Patterns of Evidence: The Red eng sub download. It's a shame I'll never watch this because of the endless ads. Why are Gods people always suffering ? Lol all these are made up to keep people as slaves, thinking theyre good people but for generations theyre being killed and treated as slaves. Watch stream patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle house. The Beautiful truth is that is real. The history of Bible time is true. The only place you'll find Noah's Ark is in Genesis. Just one of many fictional stories in the bible which is a collection of stories in bronze age MYTHOLOGY.

Stunning video! Absolutely amazing proof of Gods promise to the children of Israel. Watch Stream Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea miracle contre. There is some evidence that God, being full of dynamic energy (Isa. 40:26) then why could he not have used electromagnetism to part the waters. Watch this: Now, if we can do this with static electricity, couldn't God do the same on a grander scale with the Red Sea? Yes, he could. Watch stream patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle game. I think that it very interesting that after thousands of years, these discoveries are being made. Watch stream patterns of evidence 3a the red sea miracle lyrics. Watch stream patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle movie.

Watch stream patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle free. Two New Films in the Patterns of Evidence Series Buy Tickets Learn More Learn more About the journey Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus Buy Now One Man's Decade Long Investigative Journey Documented on Film. About the Journey Join Our Thinker Blog First Name * Last Name Email * Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy Buy Now New Evidence All Articles Popular Videos Loading... When i asked a question And isaid to my grandmama I asked her Is life that day so hard And she anseer yes.

Watch stream patterns of evidence 3a the red sea miracle karaoke. Patterns of Evidence: The Red full movie watch for free. The greatest miracle is the nation of Israel now. 100 years ago, it was unthinkable for a nation named Israel. It was just a Biblical account. And almost everyone surrounding the Jews does not want that to happen. Yet it did. The Bible accounts must be true and historically accurate. No doubt about it. Watch stream patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle book. Watch Stream Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea miracle de la grossesse.


Watch Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea full movie watch online

Love and blessings of all good things come down from Heaven delphos, God bless you and thanks again for posting this video its a good one. Tim I could really use your services on my own personal I am not kidding.

Watch stream patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle youtube

Watch stream patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle 2017. It is all good. The return of Jesus will give evidence to it all. Watch stream patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle cast.



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