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Duration - 2h, 17minute
genres - Family
story - Found inside a shining stalk of bamboo by an old bamboo cutter and his wife, a tiny girl grows rapidly into an exquisite young lady. The mysterious young princess enthralls all who encounter her, but ultimately she must confront her fate, the punishment for her crime
average ratings - 8,5 / 10 stars
actor - Mary Steenburgen

Die Legende von Prinzessin kagaya. He literally found her inside the bamboo root and was suprised when the truth about kaguya was revealed. I love the mood reversal at 1:00. Should be repurposed for a Zulu(or maybe Apache) festival. Or something ELSE THAT'S ACTUALLY WORTH CELEBRATING. Man, I saw this, and I cried my fricking eyes out! To think that this is Hayao Miyazaki's last movie ( actually he's not going to retire completely, but will retire from making long movies. its too sad... Wats the theme in this trailer called. Aww it makes me feel like Miyazaki is leaving Studio Ghibli in good hands... I'ma still miss that amazing he was awesome (not that he's you know retired) Well anyway I'm glad Takahata is still there.

This reminds me of The tale of the bamboo cutter, a very old scroll telling a story scarily similar to this. Saw it in The Chester Beatty Library in Dublin. This is soooo Hisaishi-sensei's music always touches the heart. Die Legende von Prinzessin kazuya mishima. It's so bright. I love this beautiful instrumental. Die Legende von Prinzessin kagura. If you contemplate life and our place on this planet, then this is an important movie to watch. The animation is really beautiful and the story is thought-provoking and deeply emotional(Loved it. I sat there in awe long after the credits rolled.
Love, happiness, joy, sadness, despair, earth, mother nature, expectations, values and the whole mystery of life are some of the subjects this movie touches upon.
If you understand the message that this movies tries to convey, then I'm sure you would have the urge to get off your ass and really start living. That's how powerful it was.
Watch it. ENJOY IT! Studio Ghibli never disappoints =D.

Watching this fable im cried. This so beautiful. Sorry for my english, im Polish. Wasnt kaguya present in okami? Her grandfather was Mr. Bamboo. 2:30 just making a time stamp for myself. edit:changed time by 3 seconds. Die legende der prinzessin kaguya.


Little world. Die Legende von Prinzessin kazuya. One of my favourite anime movies. Die legende von prinzessin kaguya stream deutsch. The animation style reminds me of another Studio Ghibli film (also directed by Isao Takahata) called My Neighbours the Yamadas. That's a very underrated Ghibli film that more people should check out. Die Legende von Prinzessin kaguya.

Die legende von prinzessin kaguya stream

Die legende von prinzessin kaguya filme hd deutsch. Watches Kaguya and Big Hero 6. Can't take oscars seriously anymore. Hi Ari, I loved so much your version of this song. Why didn't you add the last part (Tennyo no uta. A gorgeous movie! Kaguya Hime was maybe a tad too long but it has so many beautiful moments, so many scenes that will take your breath away and so many scenes that will move you that overall it's hard to say anything negative about it. Director Yahata manages to take a basic folk tale and make it a universe, complete with beautiful settings and characters, and this is no small feat. The characters in particular are incredible: from their designs to their voice acting (in Japanese at least) and clear personalities, they are a high point of the movie (the 5 princes! Yahata has shown a delicacy and sense of harmony & pace that is very different from Miyazaki's and somewhat more subtle. and this movie deserves the praise it is getting.

This movie made me cry so much. 10/10 I bought it and it was worth the money. I absolutely love this studio's style. Secret of Kells was really a hidden gem to me. I haven't gotten a chance to see this one yet, but I definitely need to. Legende von prinzessin kaguya.

I may go see this tonight. :D

I'm so glad this is Oscar nominated wow this genre of film needs more appreciate, I can't wait to watch it. Please tell me the YouTuber your smash bros'ing with is Jeremy Jahns. You two and John (FlickPick) are great. -Great to see you're so passionate about these movies. Congratulations on introducing the movie as well. Best wishes from Australia. この作品を世に出してくれた高畑監督ありがとうございました. I just finished watching this movie for the very first time. I had no idea what to expect and I'm crying, it was so good! AMAZING. OH MY GOD YOUR SAILOR MOON! Shut up honey LOL dad got sad. This movie singlehandedly restored my faith in humanity. Die legende von prinzessin kaguya.




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